Anyone ever try MONQ essential oil pens to help relieve anxiety?

I have never smoked or vaped or e-cigged or done anything else like that in my life, but I have struggled with generalized anxiety disorder for close to a decade now and although I have been on a low dose of Lexapro for a long time,(which has helped greatly) I always like to find other tangible things to help me get through rough days or the occasional anxiety attack or restlessness.

I am not typically an essential oils enthusiast or user but I do like to use peppermint and lavender scented lotions to help relax me when I get anxious.

I saw an ad for the MONQ pen and thought it might help with anxiety since it’s basically sucking in relaxing aromas and then taking a deep, slow exhale out. I did a bunch of research and compared all the different brands and decided to go with the MONQ-R.

I have no desire to get high or feel any kind of buzz, I just want something I can feel, touch, smell, or fidget with to help me calm down when anxious or restless.

I got my MONQ today and I tried their Vibrant scent which is spearmint and ginger, and I have to say, it’s fun and it smells great and it left a nice and fresh but mild taste in my mouth and actually makes my breath feel fresh. My nasal passages also had a nice cool tingle to them. I took three slow ‘sips’ of it and exhaled the vapor slowly each time which did help relax me.

Just wondering if any else has tried an essential oil vapor pen like this and if it helped your anxiety.

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