Lots of Qs: Undergrad loans, Health Grad loans, Deferment, Loan repayments


I just graduated from undergraduate 2 months ago. I have $15,000 in loans ($2000 subsidized university loan via Heartland, $13000 in Federal Direct Sub Stafford Loan via MyFedLoan).

  • Can I defer undergrad loans as a health graduate student?
  • Is there a website that gives info this?
    • As far as I read, upon the successful deferment, no interest will accrue on my undergraduate loan during my full-time health graduate student status.
  • Do I get a grace period after graduation from health graduate school (assuming I get deferment)?
  • My loans say I’m currently in my grace period.
    • Should it update automatically knowing that I am going to attend health grad school full-time soon?
    • Does me entering a grace period once affect my ability to get another grace period after I graduate from health grad school?
  • If I go to plan to go to a 1-3 yr residency after health grad school, will I again be eligible for deferment throughout my residency period?


I was admitted, and will be attending health graduate school in a few weeks. Fortunately, my parents are covering my living expenses for school (housing, food, etc). Thus, I only need to worry about paying the tuition bill from the school itself (one bill in Fall semester, one bill in Spring semester). I plan to take out loans to cover these 2 bills.

  • What are origination fees & how they get interact with loans taken out?
    • If my cost of attendance is $65,000 for 2019-2020 school year, would taking out $65,000 in loans be fine? Or should I be re-calculating to account for origination fees?
    • For example, the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan origination fee is 1.062%. If I intend to pay off the $65,000 cost of attendance, should I account for the origination fee of $690.30 ($65,000 x 1.062%) ? I.E. Should I take out $65,690.30 in loans instead ?


I project to have $270,000 in loans + whatever interest accrues for the unsubsidized grad school loans after graduating.

  • After graduation, should I prioritize paying back undergrad loan (10k at ~4.5% interest) or grad school loans (~270k at 6.5% interest)?
  • The average income for fresh grads in my field is 150k per year.
  • What are the recommended repayment plans?

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