My Tattoo Artist Copied From Google Images.

Thks is the only place I can think of to discuss this controversial subject within my group of friends and such. As well to avoid some type of backlash publicly on Facebook.

I recently got my first tattoo: A friend had given me an artists number when I impulsively texted him that I wanted a tattoo on Saturday. I thought of an idea and texted the artist beforehand before I showed up to the shop about what I wanted. I get there we discuss things, I show him some pictures on my phone I had found and he asks me to send him one in particular from my phone. He suggests to take this particular idea in a certain way that I thought sounded interesting. He says to me "I'm gonna go in the back and draw something up" and returns 20 minutes later with an interesting design and we go through the process and I get my tattoo.

Everyone loves it. So I start looking up similar themed tattoos on Google images passively just out of interest of people with similar themed tattoos.

And then I'm crushed. My artist not only completely copied a specific design off of Google images, but he had me under the impression he himself was the creator of it. The only differences were some small color (and five drops of blood) in the design as well as it being wrapped around my arm instead of a single length strip piece as the one on Google. And judging off the way he went about the particular route of design, he knew the image he was going to use on Google Images before I walked in the door off of my descriptions from text. The image he used was also nothing similar to any of the images I had on my phone. I understand it was a same day walk in, but I assumed all tattoo artists were artists who want to do original work of their own and not copying off of whole designs. And this was a reputable tattoo parlor in my area to boot.

I asked my friends and they all said that it's still a nice tattoo and still an original take despite "inspiration." But this inspiration would be like making a fast food restaurant called "MacGregors" and copying the font and style of everything and the only difference is the letters.

My question is am I wrong for feeling how I do that my tattoo is unoriginal? I'm using vague descriptions of the tattoo to protect my identity. But I assure you; the main set piece of my tattoo is the exact same design as one I saw on Google images. Is this common practice? Do I have recourse? In my opinion this is just the work of a terrible artist who doesn't care about making something meaningful or original and just a quick buck off of a clueless customer. Again I only feel so strongly because this is a reputable tattoo shop that many people I know have gone to and had original work done.

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