Pro-Tip: Effortlessly eliminate gross/stinky drip trays forever.

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to share something I've been doing for a while now with great success. This is mostly aimed at people with home espresso setups, but I'm sure there are other applications.

To keep things short, coffee grounds + moisture + time tends to make most drip trays into a gross mess of moldy mildewy bacteria if you don't go through the hassle of emptying and rinsing them basically every day.

To fix this with basically no effort, get yourself some BREWER'S (we're talking beer) sanitizer, and add a little drop to your drip tray after you empty it!

Star San is my personal favorite product- I've used it for beer brewing and already had some on-hand, and it seems to work incredibly well. It's an acid-based sanitizer that should be safe for all surfaces in your coffee areas (though it's NOT recommended for aluminum), and the best part is it's "no-rinse" i.e. it's so safe and non-toxic that if you're using it at the recommended dilution you don't even need to rinse it off of glassware before drinking out of it.

Basically just add a small drop and a splash of water to your empty drip tray, and next time you go to empty it, it should be essentially pre-sanitized! No more gross moldy films or smells in your sink 🙂 I've let my tray sit for over a week with this method, and it always seems totally sanitary when I go to dump it.

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