Tuesday, Sometimes a good whack!

    Yesterday, just as I got myself into the sewing room planning to stay there until the cows came home, Hub’s tells me that the pond pump is not working.  Ugh!  I knew the water was not low as we refill every few days for a short period of time.  When I watered the flowers I checked and the pond was fine.  But hubs said it was not spilling.  He said it was low and he had just filled it.  Crap!  We could very easily burn up our pump if we do not pay attention.  So I get up and go outside and no it is not working.  I try the unplug it method, and replug, that did not work. So I went over and got on my hands and knees and pulled apart the skimmer and unscrewed the pump from the flange.  The bottom of the pump was clogged with debree. (snails, sticks, gunk)  I tried it again nothing but the humming sound it was not sucking.  So I unplug and I decided well if it is broken I cannot hurt it, so I will just give it a good whack on the cement maybe that will dislodge whatever is keeping the pump from moving.  Then I plugged it back in and it worked!  It is still working.  At $389.00 it was worth a good whack!  Then I had to come inside and clean up after crawling through the muck and getting splashed with pond water and filth.  Back to sewing.

     I was able to get the pile to a satisfying level and also get two bridesmaid dresses altered.   They still need to be pressed and I will do that first thing and then call the owners.  I only got to one wedding dress but I will be able to finish that in about an hours work.  Then onto the next dress.

     My goal for today is to get at least two other bridesmaid dresses done, one mother of the bride and one wedding dress.  The shop also needs to be swept as there are scraps all over.  I just want to see progress.  Maybe some corner where there is not a dress or two or six laying or hanging.

     Dinner last night was a stir fry with garden veggies and a chicken breast.  I tore a sack of frozen marinara sauce in the freezer yesterday so that will be dinner tonight with pasta.  I don’t know when I will get to any of my goals for the month as the shop is taking all of my time.

     I will start the laundry and try and get the plane tickets ordered today. It is so easy to put things off.

     Is there anything that you have been putting off?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

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