What should i do?

I know i have anxiety, i show all the symptoms of it and i know that in order to try get the best help, i need to reach out and ask for help but i just cant seem to get the courage to.

My anxiety gets triggered at the thought of either going in somewhere or calling up to ask for an appointment. I have problems opening up to new people, and it takes me ages to completely come out of my shell. I start feeling anxious and uneasy when im out alone, i fiddle and start closing myself up by basically tucking myself into my own clothes to show as little of myself as possible when im either in town (city), or in crowded places such as a shopping centre. When im at home, after spending time in town, i still feel like i need to tuck away and i start overthinking things, which only makes the issue worse, i want to make myself as small as possible and try to resolve things. I struggle to sleep most nights, especially when i have things to do the next day, such as going to University (which is in the city).

I have a great network of friends, though its really small but its all i need, but i still cant open up to them even though i have known them for 5+ years.

Writing this alone has triggered my anxiety, and honestly, i feel emotionally drained and im on the brink of crying.

I know i should get professionally diagnosed, but i cant bring up the courage to go do that.

How should i go about trying to build courage and seek help?

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